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Deer Calls: Young Deer Bleat Call

2017 Deer Bleat Call

The Hands-Free Hammer Deer Call

The Hands-Free Hammer Fawn Bleat & Grunt Deer Call is designed to use weather your hands are holding your gun or bow. It can also be used when holding the call in your hands while your bow or gun is hanging from a hook on your treestand. Designed to purposely reduce movement and maximize calling effectiveness.
The Hands-Free Hammer is specifically designed to NEVER freeze up no matter what the weather and/or other conditions are. It was also expressly made to be trouble-free to use.

To Bleat:
The two most effective bleats are the neo-natal and the distress bleats. To make the bleats of a fawn that wants to be fed (neo-natal feeding bleat) and/or the vocalizations of a fawn in dire distress, simply place your teeth on the slot in the plastic sounding board and your upper lip on the reed. Then, gently blow air across the reed and move your upper lip until you hear the specific fawn sound/s you are trying to imitate.
The fawn alarm-distress is an urgent vocalization made by a fawn in desparate trouble. It is an ear-piercing sound that will have a doe quickly respond as she will instinctively think her fawn/s are in urgent distress. Bucks also respond either out of curiosity or to discover if a predator is in its immediate area. The neo-natal fawn feeding bleat call is meant to alert the fawn’s doe that it is hungry and wants to be feed. It is a call that does respond casually to (without the urgency they exhibit when responding to the alarm-distress). Does,and occasionally a young buck, will often walk into the area looking for the fawn, many times offering close, standing shots to bow or firearm hunters.

To Grunt:
When you want to make a grunt with the call, put the oval mouth piece between your lips and gently blow air over the read. It will duplicate the soft-subtle grunts made by all age classes of bucks
View my demonstration of this call on YouTube that which will be coming soon.

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