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Deer Calls: Snort Call

snort call
"There is no doubt in my mind that the snort vocalization is THE most often used and heard sound made by deer. " Unfortunately, most hunters believe this is the sound of a deer that is alarmed and about to run away. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, when used correctly, the snort can attract and hold deer other calls won't. Used properly, it is the most effective deer call a hunter can carry. I'm never in the woods without it. Use it to stop, call back, or intentionally get whitetails to leave heavy cover. Most effective when the hunter learns how to use each of the four variations: alarm, alarm-distress, social, and aggressive snorts. Easy to use; can be carried in a shirt pocket.

THank you to those who have been patient while we waited for our delivery of snort calls. In late October 2014, we were notified that Lohman/Flambeau had dropped this call from the their line! We were able to negotiate a run of the call and we now have them in stock. 

Please note that the ACTUAL shipping cost for this call is less than $4.00 - (most times, less than $3.00) - do not be alarmed by the calculated shipping during your checkout - this amount is only authorized. The amount that will be actually charged to your card will be the actual postage as determined by the weight of your order and the delivery method (you choose) as calculated by the USPS.

Here is a link to a demo of the snort call by Peter - ">click here

$ 13.50