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Books by Peter - aka The Deer Doctor: Whitetail Tactics

Whitetail Tactics 2013

Strategies to take your deer hunting to the next level.

Whitetail enthusiasts familiar with other books by Peter know he offers straightforward, practical, cutting-edge deer hunting advice and down-to-earth commentary. His valued advice will help take anyone’s deer hunting skills to the next level!

In this top-selling work, Fiduccia shares his extensive knowledge of whitetail behavior. His time-tested advice is intended to benefit those who “hunt deer under the real-world conditions of heavily hunted areas,” says Fiduccia. If you hunt deer in pressured areas or private lands, these tactics are meant to help you bag the buck of your lifetime!

Whitetail Tactics contains no-nonsense strategies and subjective insights into many aspects of deer hunting that are rarely discussed. Throughout these pages, Fiduccia shares a lifetime of successful deer hunting experiences about the animal he has hunted throughout North America, specifically in the heavily hunted areas of the Northeast and New England. This instructive and entertaining book is filled with color photos that will both inform and entertain readers.

Passionately expressed, the author shares his most guarded secrets and progressive strategies to help all deer hunters—from seasoned veterans to novices—to help them consistently take mature bucks even in heavily hunted areas. Whitetail Tactics is a must-have book for your deer hunting library.

100 color photographs - Hardcover - 328 pages

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