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Deer Calls: The Deer Doctor's Ultimate Snort Call

The Deer Doctor's Ultimate Snort Call
My New “Ultimate Snort Call”
Now Available!  

I am excited to announce that my new snort is now available.
The Peter Fiduccia - The Deer Doctor’s Ultimate Snort Call can be used all season long. It is extremely effective to stop a deer in its tracks, hold a deer in place, attract/relax deer, intentionally spook deer from cover, excite rival bucks, and agitate adult bucks. It mimics each of the six (6) different natural snort vocalizations with remarkable realism.
The Stopper snort is used to stop any walking or running deer in its tracks. Sometimes only for a few seconds, and other times, especially with bucks, for a much longer period of time.
The Alarm is used when a deer hasn’t winded or seen an approaching hunter, but has heard something advancing toward it and responds with two quick snorts. This usually happens as a hunters walk to his stand before daylight and/or as he move along in the woods or while walking on a logging road. When used as directed, it will hold a deer in the area instead of frightening it off.
The Social Snort is used to stop and/or attract a standing deer or one or more deer that are walking past a stand, and draw them toward you. It can also be used to calm nervous deer.
The Alarm Distress is used to purposely startle deer from any type of cover in order for a hunter a potential shot. It can also be used effectively when you want to leave a stand but there are deer nearby. To prevent deer from associating the stand with human presence, simply blow an alarm-distress call. The deer will flee thinking another deer was spooked by a fox, feral cat, coyote, or other potential predator – but not from your presence. 
The Excitement Snort-Wheeze is used to stimulate rival bucks into responding to rattling and/or grunting more enthusiastically. It realistically imitates the snort vocalizations made by two bucks fighting.
Snort-Grunt-Wheeze is meant to be used when hunting over natural and/or mock rubs and scrapes. The vocalization agitates adult bucks into thinking a rival buck is making a scrape and/or a rub within his core area.

The Ultimate Snort comes with detailed, step-by-step instructions to mimic all six snort vocalizations. The directions will help you to blow realistic true-to-life sounding snort vocalizations within a short time of taking them out of the package.

Watch for my new demonstration on how to use each of the Ultimate Snort’s six (6) different vocalizations
which will be on YouTube soon.
As always, I will be available to assist anyone who has any questions about how to use the snort. Simply email me at my new email address
peterfiduccia@outlook.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Peter Fiduccia’s Ultimate Snort
call –
·      Comes with Camo Lanyard Dimensions:
·      Overall length-2 1/8 inches 
·      Price: $14.95

We are also carrying a new neo-natal fawn bleat on our website (to replace the old Lohman fawn-bleat) called “The Hands-Free Hammer Deer Call. Its hands-free feature is especially helpful during the archery season and equally useful during the firearm season. It makes the fawn-distress and the fawn-feeding vocalizations. By changing the positing of the reed in your mouth it also makes a grunt vocalization, too.   

$ 14.95